Yves Tessier


Yves Tessier (b. 1955) is a Canadian-born artist who maintains studios in both Montreal and New York City. He uses casein paint on aluminum and wood to create flattened narrative scenes of situations and characters that have been sourced from real-world observation, television and the internet, and his imagination. The paintings range in tone from being humorously erotic and sensual to meditative and quiet.

Exhibition History


2018 SHRINE, "Yves Tessier: Cherry Picnic", New York, NY

2017 SHRINE, New York, NY

2015 The Bedroom, "Yves Tessier: Bedroom Walls in Harlem", New York, NY

2014 ART 45, Montréal, QC

2013 GAO/La galerie d'art d'Outremont, "La courbe des situations", Montréal, QC 2010 Galerie Laroche/Joncas, Montréal, QC

2009 Projex-Mtl Galerie,“Situations récentes II”, Montréal, QC

2008 OPTICA,“Situations récentes”, Montréal, QC

1989 Galerie SKOL, Montréal, QC


2018 NADA: Miami Art Fair, Miami, FL

2016 ''Go Figure!'', Louis B. James gallery, New York, NY

2013 "Peinture/Painting: It is not your paintings I like, it's your painting", ART 45, Montreal, QC

2011 "esse Benefit Auction: Les éditions esse art + opinions", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, QC

2010 “Extreme Painting”, Projex-Mtl Galerie, Montreal, QC

2010 “NEXT: Chicago”, Projex-Mtl Galerie, Chicago, IL

2010 "Portrait of a Patron: The Duksta Collection", UTAC, University of Toronto Art Center, Toronto, ON

2009 “Été, été”, Projex-Mtl Galerie, Montréal, QC

2008-2009-2010 “Toronto International Art Fair”, Projex-Mtl Galerie, Galerie Laroche/Joncas, Toronto, ON

2008 “Carl Ostendarp / Peter Schuyff / Yves Tessier”, Projex-Mtl Galerie, Montréal, QC

2006 “Draw_drawing_2”, The Foundry, in the London Biennale context, curator Giacomo Picca, London, UK

1998 “Exposition de groupe”, Galerie Luz, Montréal, QC

1997 “Merrill / Romani / Tessier”, Galerie Luz, Montréal, QC

1995 “Lush”, Galerie Articule, curator Michael Merrill et Andrea Szilasi, Montréal, QC

1995 “Merrill / Ruschiensky / Szilasi / Tessier”, Galerie Local 906, Montréal, QC


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