Reverend George Kornegay

Rev. George Paul Kornegay (1913-2014) was a preacher affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Alabama. After receiving a vision and direct message from God in 1960 to create art to help better communicate his religious messages, Kornegay began work on an astounding outdoor art environment on his property near Brent AL, which contained depictions of Biblical narratives and teachings. His inventive use of found materials combined with a gifted ability to create abstract and bold forms lends his work a power that transcends simply being religious storytelling. His art environment, while not well known, was one of the largest African American yard shows in the South while he was alive to maintain it.


Jonah and the Whale
ca. 1985
Paint on wood
36 x 24

Untitled (Wheels of Fire)
ca. 1980s
Metal cut-outs on wood
71 x 7.5 x 3