Kyle Breitenbach

Meetings Along the Edge

November 17 - December 22, 2017


Meetings Along the Edge continues Kyle Breitenbach’s investigation into the relationships between figures and their environment. The exhibition presents two new parallel bodies of work where material entities read not as human forms in pictorial space but as geological bisections of an organism frozen in a state of formation.

The works Formation I, II and III utilize powdered slate and fluorescent red and green pigments to present an ontological study of the figure. Heat and clay trace the formation of a composition through a sequence of time, where stone forms merge into a neon glow. In the second group of work, From Water to Land and Temporal Logic form an epistemological proposition with information accumulating inside and outside the body in the form of written language, numerical devices, incised sketches and symbols. 

In both series, a visual fluidity echoes a temporal one providing the potential to read each painting both backwards and forwards as a contemporary destiny of past forms and a premonition of how these might appear to, or create, the future. These opposing perspectives regard and imprint themselves on each other creating a record of time that seems to have superseded image, but the surfaces also suggest a potential to absorb and digest the latent images of our presence in the motion toward future states.