Kyle Breitenbach

October 12th - November 13th, 2016


SHRINE is excited to announce the opening of Kyle Breitenbach's first New York solo show, Eight Heads Tall.

The exhibition explores Breitenbach's richly colored pastel drawings and hand-ground oil pigment paintings. This new body of work seamlessly weaves together flattened, abstract landscapes and architectural forms with highly stylized figurative elements that hover between classical idealized proportions and contemporary abstraction. Almost always faceless, these figures traverse lush, opaque fields of color and exist symbolically as simplified icons of the human form. 

What is truly unique about Kyle Breitenbach's work is his ability to aggressively transform simple scenes and portraits into sublime and highly personalized statements about the human condition. His drawings and paintings, while often quiet in both form and palette, possess a subtle yet unrelenting energy and depth.

This exhibition marks Shrine's first show in tandem with a more established NYC gallery. Zieher Smith will be inaugurating the The Mausoleum, a new outdoor space behind the gallery, with sculptural figures by Kyle Breitenbach. These three-dimensional, painted steel works will directly reference the drawings and paintings on view concurrently at Shrine (October 13 - November 12, 2016 at Zieher Smith).