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Hawkins Bolden: Scarecrows

January 13th - February 14th, 2016


Hawkins Bolden was left completely blind following a childhood baseball accident. Later in his life, he began scavenging the alleyways and fields around his Memphis, TN home in search of discarded materials, litter and other debris with which to work. Utilizing only his sense of touch, he created a vast number of scarecrows, tall totems and mask-like objects from these found materials to protect his backyard vegetable garden form pests and predators. These mysterious, iconic figures hovered in mass over tomato plants, hot peppers, collard greens and other Souther garden staples.

Hawkins Bolden was featured in the indie documentary, MAKE, along with fellow self-taught artists: Prophet Royal Robertson, Ike Morgan and Judith Scott.

This is exhibition is in collaboration with Souls Grown Deep Foundation and Bill Arnett.